Eleven Months of Everly

Here we are, one month away from her first birthday (July 30). I have no idea how that happened – but I am very emotional these days when thinking about it. It feels like I was just changing this tiny little baby, and now I have to pin her down to change her diaper and dress her…

It feels as though she has grown and changed the most in the past month. She is becoming a little person with her voice, actions, movements and everything in between.

– She walks around the ottoman or table, and has even let go for a few seconds before falling on her bum.

– She has eight teeth and is working on a couple of molars. I haven’t checked in the last few days, so one may have already broken gum.

– She says Mama and Dada, “ma” for Maxton, “bah” for ball, “fan” obviously for fan, and will say “beebee” for her new baby doll. There is also a lot of babbling in between. “Dobi dobi”, “dis”, “da” “gah” (that was Maxton’s favourite for a LONG time. You can read about that here), etc. Sometimes she needs to shout to make sure she is heard over her ever-so-vocal big brother.

– She loves to climb the stairs

– She can wave and clap on demand, and when we say “How big is Everly?”, she reaches her arms up over her head “soooo big”, we say.

– She loves to crawl around and get into whatever Maxton is doing – which often results in a lot of “No Ethovey, that’s mine!” *push*

– She dances from side to side and shakes her head when you ask her to dance – it’s very cute.

– She LOVES her baby, lamb (lambie) and any stuffed animal. She squeezes them tight until she starts to shake. So adorable.

– The whole sleep training thing was a disaster – the technique we used for Maxton didn’t work on her because 1. She is a human firecracker 2. He was only six months, and therefore not as wise at that age.  She is slightly better – a good night I’m only up twice in a 11-12 hour period; last night was four times. She has never once in her entire life slept 10 + hours straight (fun fact for all of you who think getting up once a night is a pain in the butt). She still naps twice a day.

– She is quite the little chubster, and I am trying to use up the size four diapers I have left

– She is obsessed with the movie Frozen, and the TV show Bubble Guppies – she LOVES both (thanks to Maxton’s obsession with them). She will even take the convertor (remote) and point it to the TV. I imagine she is asking for us to put one of the two on. How quickly they pick up on things, and at such a young age…

– She loves other babies and animals. She starts chirping and yelling whenever she sees either

So here is my little cupcake at eleven months…


I could just eat her up.

I am in the middle of planning her first birthday party, and will be posting along the way.

Happy 11 Months, Everly. xo



One thought on “Eleven Months of Everly

  1. Oh Helen, she is just the cutest!!! I hope she sleeps through for you soon. Both my big boys didn’t sleep through the night (even once) until they were around her age. Noah amazingly sleeps 7-9 hours so I’ve just adjusted my own sleep routine coincide with his. Hello bed at 7pm.

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