Strawberry Jam Anyone?

A couple of weeks ago we took the kids strawberry picking. In previous years, we seemed to miss the picking window for them, but paid more attention this year. Maxton had a blast picking; and by picking I mean eating. There was a lot of: “Mama, this looks like a good one.” as he popped it in his mouth.


There are so many things to do with fresh strawberries. We saved a bunch for the kids to eat, and I decided to turn the rest into strawberry jam. I searched Pinterest to find a decent recipe, and came across one from Intimate Weddings. It’s a fantastic recipe and the jam turned out A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.


Mason Jars & Lids

6.5 cups of strawberries

3 cups of white sugar

1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice

1. Boil your mason jars and lids in a large pot. Keep them in the pot on low heat until they are needed.


2. Pour strawberries into large pot on medium-low heat. Mash strawberries until desired consistency is reached, and allow them to simmer. (I like having a few good-sized chunks of strawberries in my jam.)









3. Stir in your sugar and lemon juice. Pour the lemon juice through a strainer before adding it to the pot. Bring to a boil.


4. Stir the jam often while skimming the foam off of the top. I alternated stirring and skimming every few minutes. Boil for approximately 30-40min (My first batch came out thicker and was closer to 40min. Be sure to not over-thicken.), or until desired consistency is reached.

5. Remove jars from boiling water and fill jar to marking below the top of the jar. Do not overfill or under fill or they will not seal properly. Ensure the lids are on securely! Place back into pot of boiling water to seal jars. 10-15 min will do it, make sure lids are covered by at least one inch of water.



Mmm! We are already on our second jar of jam over here.

Next up: raspberry jam!

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