Stella & Dot Top Picks

I have a small obsession with a little thing called Stella & Dot. If you haven’t heard of them, they are a fashion jewellery and accessories company. You can purchase through a stylist or on your own online. They are fairly expensive for fashion jewellery, but their pieces are stunning.

It started a while back with a friend who started selling it, but even after she stopped I found myself purchasing the odd item here and there.

Earlier this year, another friend of mine became a stylist for the discount alone, and has been generously offering her discount to me which has been a very bad problem…

Here are a few of my recent purchases (keep in mind I am not paying full price for these, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford this addiction):


Somervell Necklace - Peach $64

Somervell Necklace – Peach $64

Vintage Crystal Bracelet $49

Vintage Crystal Bracelet $49

Gilded Arrow Bangle - Gold $42

Gilded Arrow Bangle – Gold $42

Amelie Sparkle Bracelet - Silver $44

Amelie Sparkle Bracelet – Silver $44

Amelie Sparkle Bracelet - Peach $44

Amelie Sparkle Bracelet – Peach $44

Renegade Cluster Bracelet - Gold $64

Renegade Cluster Bracelet – Gold $64

Vintage Crystal Studs $26

Vintage Crystal Studs $26

Nancy Studs - Silver $26

Nancy Studs – Silver $26

I love the Renegade bracelet, I have it in silver as well. I am also a huge fan of studs these days because Everly will yank on anything that dangles from my ear, plus they are simple and sophisticated, can be dressy or casual.

Here are a few other favourites I have:

Mae Necklace $54

Mae Necklace $54

Oslo Necklace $128

Oslo Necklace $128

Juniper Statement Necklace $128 (on sale for $76.80)

Juniper Statement Necklace $128 (on sale for $76.80)

Fiona Bib Necklace

Fiona Bib Necklace

The last necklace Steve bought me for my last birthday and I absolutely love it. The picture does not do it justice – I have worn it casually and dressy and it never disappoints.

Ladies, check out the Stella & Dot website and start working on those Christmas lists to pass along to your partners!

Happy shopping!

Third Blogiversary

This post is late. Way late.

Last weekend we took the kids to a local pumpkin farm for the morning/early afternoon; and by the time I got home I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I spent the weekend laying down or dragging myself around with some virus.

Anyways, October 17 marked three years of Mama’s Baby Steps. It’s hard to believe it has been three years. I started out with nothing much to say, just a few stories about being a new Mom, which has evolved into so much more; with so many broader topics and loyal followers.

Thank you for following, reading and sharing my blog. I write for myself, my kids, my family and for you.

Here is to another year of baby stories, DIY’s, lifestyle and everything in between.




Mabel’s Labels: Product Review

When Maxton turned one, a friend of ours gave him some personalized labels as a gift. At first I wasn’t sure when he would use them, nor had a heard of the company that made them, being a new Mom and all. When it finally came time to send my little man to daycare, the simple genius of “Mabel’s Labels” became apparent; I dug out the labels and soon realized how AWESOME and practical they actually are. Suddenly I found myself labelling his coats, boots, shoes… Before I knew it, I had labeled everything Maxton had!


The Basic Kit (this is the one Maxton has) includes:

  • 24 Skinny-Minis™
  • 42 Tag Mates™
  • 8 Shoe Labels
  • 2 Bag Tags


This is available in 40+ multi-coloured designs or 3 solid palettes. They have five other combo packs available, which includes a new Baby Combo!

If you’re not looking for a combo pack. you can purchase the specific type of label pack you’re looking for: clothing labels (stick on and iron), shoe labels, household labels, bag tags, even allergy alerts & 411 wristbands.

When Mabel’s Labels sent me some Personalized Sticky Labels for Everly for my review (just in time for her to start daycare), I was so excited to start labelling all of her stuff. There will be no mistaking who owns her coat!


Mabel’s Labels can be purchased online or by phone – and you can reach a customer service representative by phone or online via live chat during regular business hours. They are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Almost the entire line of labels is laundry and/or dishwasher safe, with the exception of book labels.

I cannot stress enough how amazing and useful these labels are. Maxton’s personalized sticky labels have also survived wash after wash with no peeling or curling; a true testament to their superior quality and durability. Mabel’s Labels are definitely my top pick when it comes to personalizing my children’s items and come highly recommended. Happy label shopping!

Fourteen Months of Everly

On October 1st I went back to work. Back. To. Work. Of course by back to work I mean to my employer, we all know being a Mom is a full-time job in itself – the best job. I had been feeling anxious and stressed for the week leading up to it for a few reasons: leaving my babies, wondering how Everly would adjust to being in daycare, would Everly nap at daycare, how would she do without nursing the whole day, how will get dinner on the table, the kids bathed and in bed, all while spending some time with them. The list seemed to be endless. It will take time, and it will become the new routine, and we will all just…adjust.

[Well there was no need to worry because she did amazing. She napped better there last week then she ever does at home, and not a single tear when I dropped her off. However, when I picked her up she was signing “milk” like there was no tomorrow, and trying really hard to be upset about it.]

I decided to do an update on little Miss because she is just such a little person now! It’s amazing how much she has changed and grown since her first birthday!

– She is actually sleeping pretty well! (FINALLY!) It took a few different sleep training techniques, and she still wakes the odd time in the night crying, but she will fall back to sleep on her own. She usually wakes between 4:30-5:30 and I will nurse her, and she will normally go back to sleep until anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30. (I have to wake her before 7 now for daycare.) It took almost 14 months to get her to sleep 10+ hours straight – CRAZY!

– On September 6 she took her first steps.  The record was tonight: She walked from her crib, out the door into the hallway – probably about 15 steps! Any day now, she will be running around the house chasing her big brother…

– She is the BIGGEST chatterbox! I cannot believe how much she is talking! At 18 months, Maxton was only saying approximately six words, and would never repeat you. Everly, says close to 50 words and will repeat ANYTHING you ask her to. She understands everything you say (for the most part) and if she isn’t trying to say actual words, she is babbling her own language non stop (her favourites are “Babowtee” & “Erati” – I have no idea…). Here is a breakdown of a few of our favourite “Everly” words:

Mama, Dada, Ma or Makin (Maxton), Goggee (Doggy), Fa-wah (Flower), Pehn (Fan), Ba (Ball), Ca (Car), Duba-do (Potato – she sounds hilarious when she says it), Mo (More), Meh (Milk), Nana (Banana), Chee (Cheese), Peese (Please), NO!, Izzat! (I want that), Wah (Water), Ow (Ow), Uh-uh (Uh-Oh), Ca-cuh (Cracker), Bye, Done, Beebee (Baby), Again/Gen (Again, if she is lazy she just says “gen”, but she knows how to put the “a” in front of it), Teddy, Ha (Hot), Go, Bup (Up)…the list goes on

– She signs: Milk, more (she puts her pointer finger of one hand into the middle of her other hand) & all done. She also says the word as she signs it.

– She loves to push her stroller around with her baby in it. She will take her baby out and kiss it and hug it and then put it back in and continue on. She melts my heart.

– She thinks every animal is a Doggy, ha-ha.

– She is a big time food thrower. Drives me nuts.

– She says no ALL THE TIME. She knows how to use the word too which is shocking to me. If Maxton tries to “hug” her, she starts frowning and shouting “NOOOOO” which pushing him away. She will also nod “yes” but it’s definitely not as often

– She LOVES pushing her baby around in the stroller. She will take it out, give her a kiss, put her back in the stroller and continue on her way. So cute.

DSC_0276 DSC_0312

Happy 14 Months, baby girl. xo