Stella & Dot Top Picks

I have a small obsession with a little thing called Stella & Dot. If you haven’t heard of them, they are a fashion jewellery and accessories company. You can purchase through a stylist or on your own online. They are fairly expensive for fashion jewellery, but their pieces are stunning.

It started a while back with a friend who started selling it, but even after she stopped I found myself purchasing the odd item here and there.

Earlier this year, another friend of mine became a stylist for the discount alone, and has been generously offering her discount to me which has been a very bad problem…

Here are a few of my recent purchases (keep in mind I am not paying full price for these, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford this addiction):


Somervell Necklace - Peach $64

Somervell Necklace – Peach $64

Vintage Crystal Bracelet $49

Vintage Crystal Bracelet $49

Gilded Arrow Bangle - Gold $42

Gilded Arrow Bangle – Gold $42

Amelie Sparkle Bracelet - Silver $44

Amelie Sparkle Bracelet – Silver $44

Amelie Sparkle Bracelet - Peach $44

Amelie Sparkle Bracelet – Peach $44

Renegade Cluster Bracelet - Gold $64

Renegade Cluster Bracelet – Gold $64

Vintage Crystal Studs $26

Vintage Crystal Studs $26

Nancy Studs - Silver $26

Nancy Studs – Silver $26

I love the Renegade bracelet, I have it in silver as well. I am also a huge fan of studs these days because Everly will yank on anything that dangles from my ear, plus they are simple and sophisticated, can be dressy or casual.

Here are a few other favourites I have:

Mae Necklace $54

Mae Necklace $54

Oslo Necklace $128

Oslo Necklace $128

Juniper Statement Necklace $128 (on sale for $76.80)

Juniper Statement Necklace $128 (on sale for $76.80)

Fiona Bib Necklace

Fiona Bib Necklace

The last necklace Steve bought me for my last birthday and I absolutely love it. The picture does not do it justice – I have worn it casually and dressy and it never disappoints.

Ladies, check out the Stella & Dot website and start working on those Christmas lists to pass along to your partners!

Happy shopping!

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