Fifteen Months of Everly

My baby girl is fifteen months old. It’s still hard to believe – I swear she was just blowing out the candle on her first birthday cake yesterday…How quickly time passes by when you have little ones. (I don’t think I can stress that enough.)

My little princess is a talking machine. Although I did a fourteen month update for her, here a few additions to that post.

– She is FULLY walking! Finally! It happened just after her fifteen month mark (October 30), but it has happened. She doesn’t crawl at all anymore – it’s funny how they just stop once they get the hang of/decide to walk

– A few additions to her vocabulary list from her fourteen month update: Bapple (Apple), Ni-ni (Night Night), Beh (Bed – which she will point to at night time), Kank-cue (Thank you), Izzum (if she doesn’t know what something is, or wants something and doesn’t know what it is called, that is her choice of “word”), Bubbo (Bubble Guppies), Wa-wo (Owl and or Water), Gocky (Sockie), Chew (Shoe), Ba (Bath), Memo (Elmo), Ki-ki (Kitty), Cowww (Cow), Cheecho (Cheerio), Ba-da-tee (Brush your teeth), Ma-ton (Maxton)

– She loves Frozen and Bubble Guppies, her little face lights up when she sees either on TV (her favourite part of Frozen is when Elsa & Anna are little, at the beginning of the movie)

– She loves bath time, and crawls/or walks from her room to the bathroom saying “ba” the whole way until she reaches the tub

– The face she makes when she says “please” is priceless. “Peeeeeeeze”

– Every morning when she wakes up, she wants to see Maxton right away so she can wrap her arms around him to hug him

This is quite late, but how about a Halloween costume pic to mark fifteen months?


Happy 15 Months, Miss Everly. xo

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