Four-Month Hiatus

Things have been beyond quiet around here for the past several months. I returned to work in October after a fourteen month maternity leave, and have been struggling to find a work-home life balance. I have had to put a lot of things on the back burner (like obsessively cleaning my house), and unfortunately my blog took one of the biggest hits.

This winter has been LONG and BRUTAL. Those of you that live around here know what I am talking about; those who don’t, be happy you don’t. We are winding up the month of March and still facing frost and windchill’s in the double digits. At this point it feels like spring will never arrive. That being said it’s been flat-out depressing and my mood has reflected that and therefore my blog…

Enough of that! Thank you to all of my followers for checking in periodically, and my apologies for not producing something semi-interesting on a weekly basis. I’ve got a lot of things lined up in the coming weeks! Looks for spring for you and the kids, some spring DIY’s, updates on what we have been up to and everything in between.

A quick update on things around here: My new job is going great! I am loving what I do and although it makes for busy days, I am much happier doing this job than what I do at my home position. Maxton is 3.5 and full of energy! I’ve got him signed up for soccer again this spring/summer and he CANNOT WAIT to spend more time outside. Everly is a few days shy of 20 months and she is becoming such a little girl! She’s speaking in sentences, has the funniest little personality, with some major attitude to go right along with it. Steve started a new job about six weeks ago and he is so much happier where he is now. He is the manager of the location and sees a lot of potential with the company. He often works long hours which has been a challenge some days around here, but we are working through it.

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It’s good to be back!