DIY Spring Wreath

Back in September I posted a DIY I did for a fall wreath for our front door. I decided it would be nice to have something for Spring (and even summer) as well.

So, off to Michael’s I went to hunt for the supplies I would need for my wreath. I had something in mind, it was just a matter of making it come to life.

I decided to go with the same type of wreath that I used for my Fall wreath for a few reasons: 1. It was only $4.99 2. It is the perfect size 3. It is easy to work with. I found some artificial hydrangea’s that were 40% off, a clip on daisy for $1.29, a burlap rose that was $4.99, that was 30% off and some other flowers for 40% off. The whole thing cost me about $24 taxes in.


I decided not to add a bow, I thought the burlap rose was a good substitute.

I cut the stems of the flowers and arranged them around the wreath, and then wrapped the wires through the wreath.


Lastly I clipped on the sunflower and the burlap rose.


I am really happy with how it turned out and I am hoping it wills Spring to arrive soon!


I hope this inspires you to get creative this Spring!

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