Our Little Family

On August 15, Everly was 16 days old and we had Everly’s newborn photo shoot.

We got the pictures back this week, and we are beyond impressed with how they turned out. We did a newborn photo shoot with Maxton as well, and I am so happy we chose to do them with Everly.

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How great are these?!

Moments to treasure forever.

One Month of Everly

This post is very late – this should have been up on August 30!

Thankfully the pictures I took were actually taken on August 30, so they are accurate. I can’t seem to get into the “having two kids and managing everything else” swing of things. I am getting better, though…

I still can’t believe how quickly time goes by and how quickly they grow. Every day, Everly becomes more alert and seems to grow right in front of my eyes.

– She smiled for the first time on August 29

– She had her one month doctor’s appointment on August 29 and weighed 11lbs 15oz (1oz shy of 12 lbs! She gained 3lbs in 3 weeks!); and was 21 5/8 inches

– She is still waking every 2-3 hours through the night

– She is barely fitting into size 1 diapers and is starting to really fill out all of her 0-3 month clothes

– Her big brother LOVES to kiss her and touch her little head. I am sure she will absolutely adore him

– She has a fussy time every evening that can last anywhere from 1-4 hours (yawn)

– She is very gassy just like her brother was, and spits up after every feeding because she is such an aggressive nurser…just like her brother was..

So here she is at one month old!


I used a stuffed monkey in each of Maxton’s monthly photos, and I think I will use a doll for Everly’s. My mom got her the one in the above photo – her first doll.

Check back tomorrow for a post about Maxton’s birthday party; and Friday for pictures of Everly’s newborn photo shoot!


Little Miss Everly


Sorry for my absence. It’s been quite the adjustment around here with two kids under two!

I cannot believe my little girl is already four weeks old!!!

Time has been flying by, and it has been a whirlwind.

Our daughter arrived on her scheduled C-section date; and everything went according to plan. All the doctor’s and nurses were AMAZING and I thank God we are both safe and healthy. This birth experience was a lot different from Maxton’s – much more mellow and relaxed.

We love her name, it seems to really suit her. Her middle name Nela, is after my grandmother, and May was Steve’s grandmother’s middle name; and we liked it because we were both born in May and we were married in May.

If you had been following my pregnancy, you would know my prediction was a girl. I had a strong feeling from the beginning, like I did with Maxton. 2-0 for this Mama!

I am not even sure where to start with, with this post.

Everly is a good baby. She has a fussy period at some point every evening, lasting anywhere from 1.5 hours to 4.5 hours. She is up every 2-3 hours at night, typical for a newborn. She was spending most days awake, but seems to be sleeping more in the day now, like a newborn should. Haha.

She is very gassy like her brother was, so I have her on Ovol drops and probiotic drops. My milk comes down quickly so she takes in a lot of air trying to keep up with swallowing it.

Maxton LOVES his baby sister. He always wants to touch her and kiss her. The first thing he wants to do when I take him out of his crib, is run to my room to “touch da baby”. He loves “baby owely”, as he calls her (how cute is that?). The tough part will be keeping his germs away from her – that will prove to be challenging.

Here are a few photos of her over the past four weeks:

IMG_0029 DSC_0027 DSC_0008DSC_0062DSC_0137DSC_0139945141_636648346723_1467833131_nDSC_0146995979_637046369083_1065010942_n

Such a cutie!

On another note, my big boy turned two this past Saturday! Can you believe it??? Check back tomorrow for Maxton’s two year update!

Mommy Guilt

When I finished work, I decided I would keep Maxton in daycare to keep his routine the same, and to allow me time to get things done in preparation for the baby. A part of me felt awful for sending him to daycare while I was home, but at the same time I know he loves going and playing with his little friends.

Last week daycare was closed Friday and Monday so Maxton had a “long weekend”. When I went to bring him back on Tuesday, he lost it. He clung to me and cried “Mama”. Being as hormonal as I am, I started to break down and tried to pump up daycare and how much fun he would have. I ended up passing him over to my daycare provider and ran out the door crying and feeling like THE WORST MOTHER IN THE WORLD. Within two minutes, my daycare provider texted me saying he was completely fine and eating a snack. He had an awesome day and was fine the rest of the week.

I hated the feeling of guilt I had keeping him in daycare while I was home; but I know it was important for me to rest before the baby came, and to keep his routine the same. We are going to keep him in daycare full-time until the end of September, to allow me time to recover, and then just two days a week to keep him used to the environment and routine, for when I go back to work.

Daycare aside, Maxton totally knows something is up. He has been tantruming more the last few days (I know it’s an age thing), and is much more clingy. For the past two days he cries hysterically when we try to put him down for his nap or to bed. This kid is smart. I know he will be okay for my Mom and sisters, I just can’t believe how=in-tune he is, and how he is picking up on the change that is about to come.

I feel so sad and heartbroken that I have to leave him for a couple of days, and hope he really doesn’t notice my absence too much. I know that giving him a sibling is one of the greatest things I could do for him, so I just have to keep thinking about that.

Maxton, you will always be my baby boy, and Mama loves you so very much.