Welcome 2016!

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe 2015 has come to an end and we are three days into a brand new year.

Last year was a challenging one, and I haven’t been pulling my weight on here as a result.

For those of you who follow me, you know my Mom has Multiple Sclerosis and has been kicking its ass for 15 + years. As if that wasn’t enough, she has been undergoing chemotherapy since September for Breast Cancer. She is the strongest woman I have ever met and we know she will beat this! 2016 is HER year!

Maxton also started JK and has been absolutely loving it. I am enjoying all the little things he is bringing home and his JK box is already filling up, and he’s only 4 months in!

I have a lot of good stuff coming your way so stay tuned! Recipes, DIY’s, local business products and much more.



Spring Looks for Kids

Although it doesn’t really feel like spring outside, the season has arrived and with it comes some new fashion trends! I’ve been checking out a few of my favourite bloggers and what they have been posting in terms of Spring Fashions, and I like what I see! One thing I have noticed though is how expensive things can be.

You know that section of a magazine where they show you a picture of an actress wearing a super expensive dress and then the Old Navy version of the dress that looks almost identical? That’s how I shop.

I try to pick affordable items out there that won’t break the bank. Let’s face it, kids clothes don’t last that long. They either wear them out or outgrow them by the time that season rolls around again. So I did some online shopping…

Here are some of my favourite looks for girls:

Toddler Girls' Pleat Lace Skirt - Joe Fresh $12

Toddler Girl’s Pleat Lace Skirt – Joe Fresh $12

Toddler Girls' Print Sundress - Joe Fresh $19

Toddler Girl’s Print Sundress – Joe Fresh $19

Denim Jackets for Baby (White Wash) - Old Navy $24.94

Denim Jackets for Baby (White Wash) – Old Navy $24.94

Boyfriend Jeans for Baby (Light Pink) - Old Navy $22.94

Boyfriend Jeans for Baby (Light Pink) – Old Navy $22.94

Toddler Girls' Flared Eyelet Tank (Coral) - Joe Fresh $12

Toddler Girls’ Flared Eyelet Tank (Coral) – Joe Fresh $12

Fabric Sandals - H&M $14.95

Fabric Sandals – H&M $14.95

And for the sweet little boys out there:

Denim Jackets: Medium Wash - Old Navy $26.94

Denim Jackets: Medium Wash – Old Navy $26.94

Toddler Boys' Canvas Fedora: Tan - Joe Fresh $10

Toddler Boys’ Canvas Fedora: Tan – Joe Fresh $10

Boys Collarless Shirt - H&M $17.95

Boys Collarless Shirt – H&M $17.95

Poplin Utility Shirt: A Stone's Throw - Old Navy $19.94

Poplin Utility Shirt: A Stone’s Throw – Old Navy $19.94

Boys Slim Jeans: Denim Blue - H&M $17.95

Boys Slim Jeans: Denim Blue – H&M $17.95

Toddler Boys' Boat Shoes: Navy - Joe Fresh $16

Toddler Boys’ Boat Shoes: Navy – Joe Fresh $16

I hope you like my selections as much as I do. Happy Shopping!

Four-Month Hiatus

Things have been beyond quiet around here for the past several months. I returned to work in October after a fourteen month maternity leave, and have been struggling to find a work-home life balance. I have had to put a lot of things on the back burner (like obsessively cleaning my house), and unfortunately my blog took one of the biggest hits.

This winter has been LONG and BRUTAL. Those of you that live around here know what I am talking about; those who don’t, be happy you don’t. We are winding up the month of March and still facing frost and windchill’s in the double digits. At this point it feels like spring will never arrive. That being said it’s been flat-out depressing and my mood has reflected that and therefore my blog…

Enough of that! Thank you to all of my followers for checking in periodically, and my apologies for not producing something semi-interesting on a weekly basis. I’ve got a lot of things lined up in the coming weeks! Looks for spring for you and the kids, some spring DIY’s, updates on what we have been up to and everything in between.

A quick update on things around here: My new job is going great! I am loving what I do and although it makes for busy days, I am much happier doing this job than what I do at my home position. Maxton is 3.5 and full of energy! I’ve got him signed up for soccer again this spring/summer and he CANNOT WAIT to spend more time outside. Everly is a few days shy of 20 months and she is becoming such a little girl! She’s speaking in sentences, has the funniest little personality, with some major attitude to go right along with it. Steve started a new job about six weeks ago and he is so much happier where he is now. He is the manager of the location and sees a lot of potential with the company. He often works long hours which has been a challenge some days around here, but we are working through it.

1509653_713812144853_6462939057628045939_n 11112937_714512132073_5756962383935678346_n

It’s good to be back!

New Year/Polar Vortex

Merry Christmas (Ukrainian Christmas is today!) and Happy New Year, friends!

It has been almost TWO MONTHS since I last blogged.

I have been so busy with my kids, my business and the holidays. I have so many things to share with you, and really have to make the time to do so!

I missed Everly’s four-month post, and now I have her five-month one to share (I’m so embarrassed I am this behind – I can’t believe she is five months!)!

Life is beyond busy these days and I will fill you in on all of it in the coming weeks.

Until then, you will find me hiding beneath layers of warm clothes and sipping warm beverages all day. Brrr.


Holiday Gift Ideas

We all have “that person” who we dread shopping for. The person who “has everything” or “doesn’t need anything” or “doesn’t know” what they want. Sometimes I have things in mind for those I am shopping for, other times I cross my fingers that the perfect gift will jump out at me. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Here are a few gift ideas I have come across, that have caught my eye.

Wooden Alarm Clock (iPhone not included)

Indigo $39.99

708389990812I first saw this item on The Marilyn Denis Show, and thought it was pretty cool. Display the time and an alarm on your iPhone or iPod Touch by running a flip clock application. You can even pull your charger through the dock to keep your phone/touch charged through the night. Modern and classic!

Retro Modern Owl Bookends

Indigo $39.99


I love these! They are great for a home office or a child’s bedroom. I might snag these for Maxton’s room down the road.

Scented Candles

Bath & Body Works $22.50

pBBW1-13561280v275Scented candles are a great gift. Don’t feel as though you have to get a holiday scent, you can choose something they will enjoy year-round. Bath & Body Works is great for a wide variety of scented candles, both large and small, and they often have promotions (2 for $30 etc.).

Gift Cards


Don’t be afraid to give gift cards. They are much more personal than cash in an envelope, especially if it’s for a place you know they love. Perfect for stocking stuffers or under the tree!

6-Piece Spa Set – White

Bed Bath & Beyond $49.99

24548240579146PThis is a great gift for a “spa at home” experience. It may not be as plush and luxurious as some of the spa kits out there, but it’s a great deal. It includes a robe, loofah sponge, exfoliating spa gloves, eye mask, cozy socks and a reusable storage tray.

I hope this at least somewhat helped some of you out there. Check back next week for some gift ideas for toddlers and hostesses.

Have a great weekend! (Remember only three more weekends left before Christmas – yikes!)