Mission Completed

30 Days. 30 Posts. I did it!

When I first decided to participate in NaBloPoMo, I wasn’t sure I would have the time/creative energy to pull off a-post-a-day for an entire month, but I did! I will definitely make an effort to blog more often, maybe not every day, but I always try to aim for at least three posts per week.

I’m not sure where the month of November went, it’s hard to believe tomorrow is the 1st of December. I have so much Christmas shopping left to do, with little time left. It’s not the easiest to drag a 15-month-old from store to store, to browse and shop – I don’t blame him. I can barely drag myself to do it…

I have a lot of items to check off my to-do list, this coming month: Decorating, Christmas cards, Christmas baking, Christmas shopping, wrapping, cleaning,…So much to do!

Prepare for an overload of Christmas related posts over the next few weeks. The countdown is on!

Santa’s Workshop

Today I visited a place that you would swear was Santa’s Workshop. Seriously. This place is somewhere you DO NOT bring children, unless you want to deal with endless tantrums and “I WAAAANT IIIIT” fits.

The Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse, a child’s dream; and a parents dream for that matter. Thousands of toys, games and books for unbelievable prices. It’s held from September 22 – December 23, and I would highly recommend avoiding weekends. The parking is insane (of course), but we lucked out and snagged a spot in front of the entrance. (Thank you to the odd-looking man who knocked on my window and told me to follow him to his car.)

I may end up making another trip there before Christmas, but I think I have managed to cover gifts for all the kiddies in my life. Before going today, I thought I had finished my Christmas shopping for Maxton – and then I got there…He is going to be a lucky little guy this Christmas (and every Christmas for that matter).

There are no shopping carts or baskets – only giant red garbage bags (very durable), so it’s a bit of a pain, especially if you’re pushing a little one in a stroller, and are on your own.

This is definitely one toy sale I will be going to every year.